Welcome to Hell.

War. War never changes. No one knows who started it, and by now, no one really cares. As if our own annihilation was not enough, war brought the rifts, tears in the fabric of the universe that open up door to other places … and in a lot of cases, other enemies. Lines of blue energy criss-crossed our world bringing with it the old ways, magic! Now, the impossible was possible. Any and everyone could be a weapon. Our world had changed. The rules had changed.


War changes everything.

Our story continues …


It has been a few weeks since the great worm beast has taken our friends to the depth of the Vampire Kingdoms. Jake the Crazy was severely wounded in the journey and could not recover from his wounds. The harsh realization that they were in Mexico strengthened the group’s resolve and forced them to work hard to survive. Traveling during the day and hiding at night seemed to be the best tactic to begin with.

Now, they have to find a way back to Hazard and back to their friends and loved ones safely, all the while dodging vampires, their minions, and other horrific things that go bump in the night. With everything against them, can they make a run for the border?

Season One: The Conqueror Worms.

Chitlins, Whiskey, and Skirt is based off of the Rifts RPG. It is a game where PCs can build as better future or possibly rule it with an iron fist. Set in a wasted desert, the game has the look of feel of a Western with influences from other popular wasteland style settings like the Borderlands and Fallout series of games. The characters begin in a small town named Hazard where their story and legends begin. Every action has a consequence for themselves and the people they live with. Their journey will be filled with action and adventure.