Population: About 100, but that number is usually a bit higher due to travelers.

Places of Note: Bottoms Up Saloon – local saloon; Darius’ Smithy – a Dwarf Operator’s shop; Madam Senna’s Bath Houses – Bath house and brothel;

Brief History: Hazard was founded about 20 years ago from the dream of one lone fingertooth carpetbagger named Beauregard. It was his dream to carve out a place for him and those that chose to follow him to prosper. Early on things went well for the settlement and the population grew.

Hazard is near a large collection of desert cacti that the local people refer to as ‘the Forest’. Mount Ajo can be seen from the town and an old broken up road dots the landscape. It is close to Mexico, but has not really been attacked by the Vampire Kingdom, at least for now. Because of the geography of the surrounding area leaving the settlement a little isolated, Hazard’s population is fiercely loyal to one another, always willing to lend a helping hand when they can.

The Forest and a nearby underground river helps provide the settlement with a very refreshing and plentiful source of water. Also, a few prospectors have found a very nice silver mine that has provided the town with a very valuable trade commodity. The citizens of Hazard can live comfortably off of these two resources, and the town is a useful stop for many adventuring parties headed off to do battle with the undead to the south, or seeking their fortunes in the New West.

In recent years, things have not gone so well. Raiders have made trading difficult for the the town, the mysterious worms seem to be hunting the population down, and, most recently, a strange sickness has taken over the town. After standing tall for so many years, the town is in danger of being another casualty of the desert.


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