Tempest's Journal

I am not fond of worms. I am especially not fond of worms that writhe around and look like people. I am glad Caldwell liked, And USED, the bracer I made him. Maybe it would be a bracelet if it had less circutry. Ah well. He can call it what he likes. Still working on things on the side. I liked Remi’s stone spell. That would make a neat gun or something. Not really my element but cool none the less.

More worms to kill tho. I really do not like them. No I don’t. I would say I need bigger guns but that isn’t true. I need to be able to shoot and I don’t know.. hit.

Should I get a familiar. It would be cool.. and not. BUt yah.. cool. Nothing necessarily squishy tho. I’ll have to think more on that. It might be nice.

Rodeo was fun even if I am a complete idiot for riding wild horses, and attempting to steer wrestle. Although I did both. It was utter and complete fun. Totally outside my skill set, being live beings and all but still a heck of a good time. However my butt is sore. I’ll take it for the experience. Wheee. Back to working on things. Suprises, questions and stuff.

Whiskey is trying to find out if she has a serial number. I may be the only person in town who might be able to find out, but it would be too weird for both of us. Even if she would ask, which i dont think she would. But if she did, I think I would refuse. Better to find out over time and not .. strangely… if it would even work.
So yeah.. very effective spell, supernatural strength. Would have been better in hindsight if one grabs one’s opponent instead of letting them tear up folks. Need to get used to possible strength.. need to improve armor with new gems.. Nice things those. They have a lot of potential. Super secret suprise is in process.

Temple of Light
So yeah, we found it..the temple of light although we didn’t know it yet. in Hell and I really wanted to explore what we found. I think I exasperated Caldwell by asking, as we did have two demon hounds on our asses. It wasn’t what we were doing at the time. But July fell in, and Vincent went down there, and wasn’t willing to come up. Caldwell did make me think of WHY I wanted to go as Cause! is not really a good enough reason. It was obviously older than the demons and since it was there and hidden I thought there must be something useful in there. Something that might help us with them. He eventually bent and went in.

While that was true and we found a goddess, we also broke it’s protections. One of the hounds did get fried. But we broke it. And it was mostly me. I broke the key, I helped break the door and never questioned why I was doing it. Sheer curiosity isn’t exactly a great reason. I dont really need much from any place here. I make all my own stuff and want it that way. I wasn’t guilty enough to step up and be the Lady’s champion, but my consious is scratching at me. I didn’t know I had one. I guess I might be a better person than I thought I was. Now I just need to figure out how to pay attention. Figure things out. I don’t like feeling guilty. And part of it is Caldwell is going to be the one paying for my thoughtlessness. Ah well. I know that is kinda part of his job as he sees it, but I can try and do better in the future.

note to self. MAKE EYES OF THOTH GOGGLES. Libraries suck when you cant read them.

Tempest's Journal

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